Radio Set SCR-508-(*) BC-604-(*) and BC-603-(*)
Year 1942

Radio Set SCR-508-(*0 provide frequency modulated (fm) radiotelephone facilitie. The radio set may be installed and operated in combat vehicles such as tanks, or any other autorized vehicles. Radio Set SCR-508-(*) consists basically of Radio Transmitter BC-604-(*) and two Radio Receiver BC-603-(*). The transmitter provides f-m , radiotelephone transmitting facilities for antiaircraft and antitank warning and control nets, for base stations at battalion command posts for fire control and fire direction nets, and for intrabattalion communication. The receivers provide f-m radiotelephone reception facilities for car, platoon, company, battalion, and regimental commanders,and for staff officers and commanders in higher echelon.





Radio Set SCR-508-(*) BC-604-(*) and BC-603-(*)

Frequency Range: TX:
10 preset channels 20.0 to
27.9 Mc (80channels)
Transmitter type: f-m
Type of signals: voice
Distance range: 10 to 15 miles
Type of modulation phase modulator coil
Power output: 30 W
Tubes: 7 x 1619 VT-164
1 x 1625 VT-165
Power supply: 12V with dynamotor DM-35-A
24V with dynamotor DM-37-A
Weight: 67 lb
Frequency range: RX:
20.0 to 27.9 Mc
Receiver type: superheterodyne f-m
Type of signal: voice
Number of preset 10
IF: 2.65Mc
Tubes: 2 x 6AC7 VT-112
3 x 12SG7 VT-209
2 x 6SL7 VT-229
1 x 6J5 VT-94
1 X 6H6 VT-90
1 x 6V6 VT-107
Power supply: 12V DM-34-A 24V DM-36-A
Weight: 35 lbt