Radio Receiver and Transmitter
RT-91/ARC-2 Collins manufacture
Year 1945

The Radio Receiver and Transmitter RT-91/ARC-2 (Collins ), is a HF radio communication equipment designed for installation in all types of Naval aircraft. It provides reliable, preset, multichannel, two-way radio communication, using cw, mcw, or voice. Communication may be controlled by the pilot or radio operator, and provision is made for rapid selection among eight preset operating channels. The Radio Receiver and Transmitter RT-91/ARC-2 provides c-w, m-c-w, and amplitude-modulated voice signals. THE AUTOTUNE SYSTEM The autotune system is an electrically controlled means of mechanically repositioning adjustable elements such as switches, and variable inductors to predetermine settings. The system employed in this equipment consist of a motor, two singleturn mechanisms, two multiturr mechanisms, a control mechanism, a line shaft several drive gears, and control circuits. Eight frequency channels, with range of 2 mc. to 9.05 mc. (2.000kc to 9.050kc), may be manually selected and loked. No tools or external frequency-measuring equipment are required to select a channel. The tuning controls are located on the front panel of the equipment, and a channel – selecting switch on each remote control component. All of these controls are common to both the transmitter and the receiver. Where the eight channels have been preset, it is only necessary to operate a channel-selecting switch, to the position corresponding to the desired channel, and the autotune mechanism will automatically tune the transmitter and the receiver to that channel. Selection of a channel is made in six seconds or lees, at room temperature and normal voltage, and the accuracy a repositioning is of a very high order. The transmitter-Receiver unit is constructed of welded aluminium alloy sheet, finished inside in flat gray enamel, and outside with a dark greenish-gray baked crystalline enamel. All parts are adequately reinforced to withstand the vibration and handling incident to normal service.

H-25, UH-34D, CH-37C, P-2, P-5, S-2, AF-2W, F6F-5, HO3S-1, HO4S-2, HO5S-1, HRS-1, PBM-5S, PBY-6A, R6D-1, SB2C-5, TBM-3S, ZPK





Frequency Coverage:   2 to 9.5 MHz in four bands
   A- 2 to 3.016 MHz
   B- 3 to 4.525 MHz
   C- 4 to 6.033 MHz
   D- 6 to 9.050 MHz
Tubes :
4 x 12A6, 8 x 12SG7, 2 x 12SA7, 4 x 12H6 2 x 12SL7, 1 x 12SJ7, 4 x 1625
RF Output:
30 W
21¼ x 14 ½ x 7 ¾ 121 1 21 1/4 x 10 1/4 x 7 3/4 high/4 x 10 1/4 x 7 3/4 high
17 lb.
Power supply:
Dynamotor DY-31/ARC-2 27.5V-20A
Mounting Plate:
Control Box:
AN 16-30ARC-2


AN/ARC-2 RT-91