Radio Set SCR-506 / BC-652-A and BC-653-A
Year 1941

Radio Set SCR-506 is a medium power,amplitude-modulated set made up of Radio Receiver BC-652, Radio Transmitter BC-653, and certain additional operating components. It is designed for installation in tanks, amphibian trucks, personnel carriers, and other vehicles to provide continuous wave (cw) and voice communication from one wehicle to another or between these vehicles and airplanes or base station. The pricipal feature of Radio Transmitter BC-653-A is the speed and ease with which changes of frequency can be made. Five channels can be preset of the transmitter. The operator can select any one of these preset channels by means of a switch on the front panel of the transmitter. Radio Receiver BC-652-A is designed for the reception of voice or cw signals and incorporates a crystal frequency calibrator as frequency standard.




  Radio Set SCR-506 / BC-652-A and BC-653-A    

Freq. cov.:

Transm. type:

Otpu pwr:


Pwr supply:

Freq. cov.:

Type of receiver:

Pwr supply:

2.0 to 4.5Mc (126 channels) in
four preset channels A,B,C,and
D 2.0 to 4.5Mc (126 channels)
one tunable channel LF or HF
master oscillator power amplifer
cw, tone and voice
50 to 90 w cw
10 to 25 w voice
2 x 814 VT-154
1 x 807 VT-100
2 x 1613 VT-175
2 x OC3 VT-200
12V with dynamotor DM-42-A
24V with dynamotor DM-43-A


2.o to 3.5 Mc (75 channels)
Band 1
3.5 to 6.0 Mc (126 channels)
Band 2
916 Kc
cw, tone, and voice
1 x 6K8 VT-167
2 x 6SC7 VT-105
1 x 6Y6G VT-168A
1 x 12C8 VT-153
2 x 12K8 VT-132
1 x 12SG7 VT-209
2 x 12SK7 VT-131
1 x 12SR7 VT-133
12V with dynamotor DM-40-A
24V with dynamotor DM-41-A
46.5 lbs