R-354 " Shmel " Transceiver
USSR year 1973

The Soviet type R-354 (also know as "Shmel") is a self-contained special reconnaissance forces-agent set.The set includes an internal supply unit and associated internal 6 volt silver zinc battery. The set consists of a single receiver-transmitter unit with hinged cover in which are stowed the battery, a burst coder film puncher, spare film cutter. Other accessories are carried in pockets of the canvas case which is fitted with straps to allow the set to be carried as a backpack.The receiver and transmitter have a separate tuning dials of the projection type.




  R-354 " Shmel " Transceiver    
Freq. coverage 2 - 15.5 Mhz in 5 ranges
Circuit Features Double Suprhet with RF stage, BFO and calibrator (AM R/T and CW)
IF 1.5 Mhz and 480Khz
Valves 10 x 1SH29B and 1 x Transistor ML26A
Freq. coverage 2.5 - 15.0 Mhz in 5 ranges
Valves 3 x 1P24B, 4 x 1SH29B, 1 x Transistor ML26A
Dimensions Transmitter-Receiver 28 x 11 x 41 cm Weight 10.4 Kg
Complete set in canvas case: 41 x 24.5 x 51.5 cm Weight 15.5 Kg