Radio Receiving Set AN/ARR-5 R-44
Year 1944

Radio Receiving Set AN/ARR-5 is an airborne search receiver intended to locate enemy radar radio Frequency channels and communications equipment operating in the frequency range 27.8 to 143 megacycles. It may operate in conjunction with Radar Indicator Assembly AN/APA-6 or AN/APA-11, Panoramic Adapter AN/APA-10, and Photographic Adapter AN/APA-7. Radio Receiving Set AN/ARR-5 accepts either amplitude modulated or frequency modulated telephone signals and unmodulated continuous wave (c-w) code signals over the frequency range from 27.8 to 143 megacycles.



  Radio Receiving Set AN/ARR-5 R-44  

Frequency coverage:
27.8 to 143 MHz in 3 bands

 4x 6SK7, 1x 6SA7, 1x 6SL7, 1x 6SR7, 1x 6K6

21 1/4 x 10 1/4 x 7 3/4 high

35 pounds receiver only