Year 1939

The Model DZ-2 Aircraft Radio Direction Finder Equipment consists essentially of a rotable loop antenna, a radio receiver, and a dynamotor filter. It is intended for installation in all types of naval aircraft whose space limitations are such as will permit access for operation of the receiver and loop controls, and which, by absence of closed loops or other obstructions, permits successful direction finding. The equipment is designed for operation from an aircraft’s 12 volt battery and serves either for radio reception or direction finding. The Radio Receiver , Type CRV-46152 covers in six bands frequencies between 15 kc. And 70 kc. And between 100 kc. And 1.500 kc. On frequencies below 200 kc. The selectivity characteristic of the receiver is very sharp, adapting it primarily for the reception of cw or low frequency tone-modulated signals. On frequency between 200 kc.and 1.500 kc. the selectivity characteristic is sufficently broad to permit reception of either voice or tone modulated signals. The receiver is shock-mounted by means of the Receiver Mounting Base, Type CRV-46087




  DZ-2 Aircraft Radio Direction Finding Equipment    
Frequency coverage: 15 kc to 70 Kc and 100 kc to 1.500 kc in 6 bands
IF: ???
Tubes: 3 x 6D6, 2 x 6C6, 2 x 76,
1 x 41
Antenna: Loop Antenna Type CRV-69065
Power Supply: external dynamotor 12V 3.2A
Dimensions: 10 5/8 H x 12 W x 19 5/8 D
Weight: ???
Manual: ???