year 1945 USA

Radio Set RT-53 AN/TRC-7 is a16 tube,portable,low-power receiver-transmitter, operated by battery, hand generator, or a combination of both. IT is designed for A-M (amplitude -modulated), two way communication over short distance in the V-H-F (very-high-frequency) range.This equipment is intended primarily to provide communication from ground troops to aircraft using transmitter and receing equipment which operates in the same r-f (radio-frequency) range. It may be operated with either whip antenna AT-59/TRC-7, or antenna assembly AS110-/TRC-7, using battery BA-70, hand generator G-3/TRC-7, or a combination of both as the source of power. Radio Set AN/TRC-7 may be operated from a remote position by Remote Control Unit RM-52 and Control Unit RM-53. The Monitor jack is used with Radio Sets AN/PPN-1 and AN/PPN-2.





Frequency coverage:
100 -156 mc

Type of signal:
am , voice

Type receiver:

Type of transmitter:
a-m, with crystal-controlled oscillator

Power Output:
0.5 to 1.5 watts

3 x 1AE4, 3 x 1L4, 1 x 1S5, 1 x 1A3, 1 x 3Q4, 1 x 3A5, 1 x 3A4

Power Supply:
4.5V, 60V, 90V and 150V