RA-10D Aircraft Radio Receiving Equipment
Year 1941

The model RA-10D Aircraft Radio Receiving Equipments is designed for aircraft and mobile service.This equipment may be employed for the reception of continuous wave, modulated continuous wave, or radio telephone signals form 150 to 1.100 Kc and from 2.000 to 10.000 Kc. Aural direction finding and loop antenna reception may be obtained by using this equipmentin conjunction with the MN-20A or MN-24A (Rotable Loop), MR-11D (Loop Relay Unit), MN-52B (AzimuthControl Unit), MR-9B (Remote Control Unit). Provision has been made for two look-in crystal controlled frequencies, one each in band 3 and 4. When specified on order, band 3 and 4 may be wired so that the crystal controlled fixed frequencies only are available, thereby eliminating the necessity of tuning thr RF circuits to the approximate crystal frequency. When the receiver is wired for general coverage of bands 3 and 4 and the crystal is in use, look-in occurs over a band-width of at least 50 kilocycles.




  RA-10D Aircraft Radio Receiving Equipment    
Freq. cov. .15 - 1 MHz and
2 - 10 MHz in 4 bands
Band1  .15 - 0.4 MHz
Band2   .4 - 1.1 MHz
Band3    2 -  5   MHz
Band4    5 - 10  MHz
Tubes 3 x 6SK7
1 x 6K8
1 x 6R7
1 x 6C5
1 x 6K6G
Pwr supply 28 VDC



RA-10D Aircraft Radio Receiving Equipment