Radio Set BC-654-A SCR-284-A Receiver and Transmitter
Year 1943

Radio set SCR-654-A is a combined Receiver and Transmitter, for operation in vehicle or on the ground. For use in vehicle, cotton-web straps, D-ring loops are mounting brackets are included for convenient installation. For ground operation, the necessary components may be grouped for a three man load. Remote Control Unit RM-29-A provides flexible control over a two wire telephone line in various combinations.




  Radio Set BC-654-A SCR-284-A Receiver and Transmitter    
Freq. range. Continous 3800 to
5800 Kc
Type of signals Voice and cw
Modulation Amplitude Modulated
Type of receiver Superheterodyne
IF 455Kc
Ourput PWR 17w Voice
24w cw
Tubes RX 1 x 1A7
3 x 1N5
2 x 3Q5
1 x 1H5
Tubes TX 2 x 307A
4 x 3Q5
Pwr supply Power Unit PE-103-A
(6 or 12v Battery
Powered) and Battery
BA-43 for wehicur use
Generator GN-45 for
portable use.
Dimensions 18" x 14" x 9 3/4"
BC-654 only
Weight 44.75 lbs BC-654 only