MCR1     “Type 36/I”  Biscuit Tin
Spy Radio Receiver
Year    1943

This miniature Communication Radio Receiver MCR1 also known as Type 36/I , manufactured From Philco in UK, was developed for Special Operations Executive. The receiver MCR1 was developed in the 1943 and in the end of WWII more than 30.000 had been made. The principal production was for the SOE and a great proportion dropped to the Resistance Organisations in Europe for reception of broadcast transmission.




  MCR1 “Type 36/I”  Biscuit Tin  

Frequency coverage:  150KHz to 15MHz in 4 ranges:
   Coil unit 1
   150KHz -1.6MHz
   Coil unit 2
   2.5MHz - 4.5MHz
   Coil unit 3   4.5MHz
- 8MHz
   Coil unit 4  
  8MHz - 15MHz

Type of receiver
:  superheterodyne

:  AM – R/T – CW


Rx Tubes
: 1x 1R5    4 x 1T4

AF Output
 : 5 – 8mw in to 800 Ohm load

Power supply
: Dry battery pack (7.5V – 90V) or AC/DC power pack Type 38/I

 - MRC1 with coil unit 1 height5  length24
    width8 weight 0.9
 -  AC/DC power pack  height5  length22
    width9 weight 1.7
Dry battery pack  height5  length19
    width5 weight 1



MCR1 “Type 36/I”  Biscuit Tin


MCR1 “Type 36/I”  Biscuit Tin

MCR1 “Type 36/I”  Biscuit Tin